A spirit of cooperation

1. Be considerate of other skiers and snowboarders

Every skier and snowboarder must act such that they do not run the risk of jeopardising or injuring others.

2. Be in control of speed and how you are travelling

Every skier and snowboarder must travel by sight. They must adapt their speed and skiing style based on their ability, the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as the number of people there.

3. Selection of rut

The skier coming from behind must choose their rut so that they do not jeopardise the skier in front.

4. Overtaking

Overtaking must be done from above or below, from left or right, but always whilst leaving enough space so that the skier or snowboarder who is being overtaken is enough space for all their movements.

5. Skiing, starting, and going uphill

Every skier and snowboarder that skis into a slope, restarts after a stop, or swerves up a slope or wishes to go up a slope must check what’s happening above and below them so they can ensure that they are not endangering themselves or others.

6. Stopping

Every skier and snowboarder must avoid stopping in narrow or confusing locations if not in an emergency. A skier or snowboarder who has fallen must make such an area free as quickly as possible.

7. Ascent and descent

A skier or snowboarder who is ascending or descending on foot must use the edge of the slope.

8. Follow the signs

Every skier and snowboarder must observe the markings and the signs.

9. Assistance

Every skier and snowboarder is obliged to provide help in case of accidents.

10. ID requirement

Every skier and snowboarder, whether a witness or participant, whether responsible or not, must confirm their identity in case of an accident.

Side Notes

Observe the general rules of the sport!

mandatory wearing of helmets

Children between 0-15 years old must wear a helmet when on skiing pistes and open ground of a similar nature.

Alpine emergency phone number:


Safety first

Your safety is important to us!

Therefore please keep in mind our rules.

Thank you.

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